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Chainsaw Pills is Your Answer 

Chainsaw pills is an extreme sexual enhancement supplement.  With a potent blend of all-natural ingredients and libido herbs, Chainsaw pills are designed to support you with the sexual power you need to man the reigns of your power tool. With a specially designed formula to help men achieve their most basic and loftiest sexual goals, Chainsaw pills can help the man concerned with his partner's needs. Chainsaw pills are natural male enhancement performance boosters made by Vigor Labs. An all-natural supplement made from a proprietary blend of libido herbs, Chainsaw pills are the answer for many men to improved sexual performance and a more enjoyable sex life.  Chainsaw pills are an extreme sexual stimulant that may improve hardness and fullness, which provides you the male enhancement performance boost you want. The all-natural formula boosts libido and sexual desire with the potent combination of libido herbs and aphrodisiacs. While libido herbs help get you in the mood, ingredients like Yohimbe which is known to increase blood flow, may help you to have a more intense and powerful sexual experience. Vigor Labs knows that for you to be a stiff sexual power tool, you need both arousal from libido herbs and male enhancement performance boosters that increase hardness, nitric oxide and pump up testosterone levels. Testosterone support boosters help alleviate the symptoms low libido by naturally creating balance of this important sex hormone.


Can one pill do it all?

Vigor Labs says, "Yes!" Chainsaw pills are formulated to help maximize size through an extreme mixture of extracts that provide natural stimulation, and harder, fuller feelings. As men age, their testosterone declines and with a decrease in testosterone also comes a decrease in sex drive and sexual performance. Vigor Labs provides you the male enhancement performance boosters you need to optimize the way your body approaches sexual arousal. With libido herbs and a blend of potent stimulants, Chainsaw pills makes it possible for you to be in better control of your sexual experience. Never again have a problem with fast orgasms in comparison to your partner. It's common for women to take longer to reach climax, making many men self conscious about their partner reaching climax. Chainsaw pills helps combat this issue with arousal increased by libido herbs and simulation that acts as male enhancement performance booster that helps many  men to control climax so you can enjoy the challenge of making your woman come.


Extreme Stimulation--Extreme Male Enhancement Performance

Chainsaw pills by Vigor Labs offers results. The potent male enhancement performance ingredients and libido herbs work quickly after being taken. These ingredients are known to help make you firmer and last longer, leaving both you and your partner satisfied as worries about orgasm in comparison to your partner are no longer exist. Chainsaw pill’s libido herbs are designed boost desire for most men. When you increase hardness, you rev-up your performance and her satisfaction. Vigor Labs' Chainsaw pills maximize the size and strength, making powerful, enjoyable sex.


Rev-Up With Chainsaw Pills and Improve Your Male Enhancement Performance  

  • Made in a cGMP lab in the USA    
  • Never worry about pleasing your partner    
  • Get results you can feel    
  • Potent formula with expensive, rare ingredients    
  • Great with Ball Refill™    
  • Satisfy your lover longer    
  • More satisfying sex    
  • See results fast   
  • Boost libido and desire with libido herbs    
  • Maximize size and pleasure   
  • Maximum hardness and quicker arousal

    Chainsaw’s extreme proprietary blend of plant and bark extracts and libido herbs offers you the male enhancement performance boost you desire:

    • Longjack Extract (eurycoma longifolia) is a Malaysian flowering plant known to enhance sexual desires and like other libido herbs it helps increase arousal for more pleasure and fun.
    • Rhodiola Rosea Extract (3% rosavins, 1% salidroside), also known as Golden Root, Roseroot, Aaron’s Rod.  Found in cold regions it is used to increase endorphins to stimulate pleasure and help provide a male enhancement performance boost.   
    • Cnidium Extract (cnidium monnieri), a seed extract that is used as an aphrodisiac and another one of the well known libido herbs.  
    • Gingko Biloba Extract (24% flavoneglycosides; 6% terpenelactones) is used to increase the flow of blood and help encourage mental focus needed to prevent premature release and out of sync with your partner.  
    • L-Arginine helps produce nitric oxide, which helps increase blood flow and improves blood vessel function. If you want to increase size, you need to increase nitric oxide levels as they are essential to maintaining and achieving firmness.  
    • White Willow (salix alba) a bark extract that improves memory and mental focus, while also improving endurance and stamina. 
    • Horny Goat Weed Extract (Epimedium sagittatum), a known aphrodisiac from China that helps improve and increase blood flow. 
    • Yohimbe Extract, an alkaline bark extract from the West African Evergreen tree.  Yohimbe extracts can be classified as libido herbs that stimulates sexual desires through its known aphrodisiac properties and increases blood flow.


    Vigor Labs' potent libido herbs and male enhancement performance boosters make the difference

    L-Arginine is an amino acid manufactured in the body  and also derived from foods such as dairy and meat, oatmeal, granola, seeds and nuts.  When L-Arginine is used in combination with Yohimbe, it reduces common symptoms and helps firmness. Yohimbe is more effective when paired with other ingredients like L-Arginine and Horny Goat Weed, other libido herbs and blood flow enhancers. When the three work together, they help induce the necessary reactions in the body, like the release of nitric oxide that results in improved blood flow and relaxed smooth muscles, resulting in the ultimate and most pleasurable orgasm.

    Get ready to break out the saw--Your Extreme Male Enhancement Performance Booster!


    How long until I see results?


    Typically, results are seen after 30-45 minutes. With continued use, many customers see a significant volume increase.

    Do I have to continue to take Vigor Labs Chainsaw?


    In order to keep seeing and achieving consistent result it is recommended to continue use. Some customers find that after they achieve the results they are looking for that they can take the pill every other day or when needed for a sexual boost.


    Can I take Ball Refill and Chainsaw together?


    The recommended dosage suggests not taking more than 1 of each pill in a 24 hour period of time. So, you can take 1 Ball Refill and 1 Chainsaw from Vigor Labs in a day. 

    Does Chainsaw work for everyone?

    No supplements work the same for everyone (nor do perscriptions) which is why we encourage you to contact your medical professional before trying any supplement.  



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